Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 23, 2015

Daily missive for Wednesday the 23rd of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 23rd of September.

It is near dark.
The overhead lights barely smoulder,
The filaments glow
A milky yellow.
And what little light they create
Scarcely scorches the shadows
That prowl at the edges.
The old bus rattles and bounces,
Its wheels seek out every pothole
In the black top,
Which stops being fun after a while
It is worse in the back seat
But I needed the space.
Aside from
The girl sleeping in the corner,
Her head lolling over
With every bend in the road
I am the only passenger
Wearing deodorant.
If I sat up front with the driver
It would be a smoother ride
And the air would be fresher.
But I would have been caught
In the headlights,
Mesmerised by the images,
Silhouettes and broadsides,
Trying to figure them out,
Wasting my time,
Staying awake.
And I am just so tired.
I want to sleep,
But every time my head
Nods down
The bus bucks, the girls hair
Brushes my face and I jolt up…
I sat right at the back in school
It was easier to dream,
Leaning the chair back
Against the wall on two legs.
The board chalk could still reach
And the teacher was a good shot
But I was never so far gone
I couldn’t duck.
…The air is stale
Flatulence is a real turn off
In long haul
And sleeping people
Have no control.
But this is all I can afford
And I need to get home.
It has been too long,
The journey has lasted a lifetime.
It needs to end soon,
Before the air runs out
And the darkness
Finally closes in.

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