Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 23, 2015

The Gold Stairway~by rldubour



The Gold Stairway

Now out of bed I stretch and yawn
And pull the shades that have been drawn.
The sunlight of a brand new dawn
Her rays of light upon the lawn.

Look towards the gardens quite profound
At nature’s beauty and her sounds.
The sparkling dew drops like a crown
Roll from the petals to the ground.

Towards the heavens I view the rays
Then thank God for another day.
Almost like it was on display
The light looked like a gold stairway.

I wondered if this all could be
These gilded step stones I could see.
I see an angel calling me
I hear her say it’s time to leave.

I have to change and look my best
A brand new suit is my request.
Let them view my eternal rest
Off to heaven the newest guest.

For me it will be hard to go
To leave my family I love so.
I tried my best I hope they know
It’s time I pay the dues I owe.

I pray my bill won’t be too high
My actions here I can’t deny.
Whatever judgment He’ll imply
I take with grace and won’t ask why.

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