Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2015

Daily missive for Tuesday the 29th of September.~by Peter Forster


Daily missive for Tuesday the 29th of September.
Heart and soul.

What is this heart of mine?
Is it but a muscle,
A pulmonary device,
An over active vacuum pump
Pushing blood through
Miles of winding arteries,
Day after day,
Beat after beat,
For little reward.
Just an ache,
A tight band across the chest
From time to time,
When it might have reason
To fear its own breaking,
As it flutters
In anxious overwrought
Skipping and falling,
In the steely grip
Of a heavy heart delusion.
All in good time
It will hesitate and falter,
Failing in its struggle
With synchronicity.
Falling behind with demand
And finally,
It will be unable
To follow instruction,
The strain of constant repetition
Will become too much,
Forcing it to close down.
Will it worry
About this decision.
Chew over it,
Ponder the significance
Of its actions,
Or is it just a victim
Of its own success.
Will that be it for love
And soul.
Should they exist
In more than existential belief
Where do they reside,
If not in the very heart of me.
How can I be sure
There is room enough
To hold them.
Am I big enough of heart,
Do I have the strength and spirit
To build a safe house
For the soul
Or does it have no home
To call its own.
And is my heart to be
An empty vessel
When the spark of life
Deserts me.

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