Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2015

Daily missive for Wednesday the 30th of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 30th of September.

I am the jet ski
And you are the lifeboat
Sent to rescue me.
The sun burns,
I have the marks to prove it
And if I drift
Into deeper waters,
With a broken rudder
And not even a compass
To guide me,
You are the pilot
I need to bring me
To the shore.
You do not run
Or hide,
Try to bind me
Tightly to your side,
But are quietly wise,
And glorious.
In a measured way
You too, follow the stars.
Gaze upon the moon,
And ground me
When my thoughts
Run wild,
And I fly too high,
So easily distracted
By the dancing
Fireflies that flirt
With my imagination.
If I stumble in the dark,
Venally transfixed
By the fripperies of life
You are the light
To help me, find the way.
If you are the crested wave
I am the foam,
Easily blown away.
And I would be scattered
Into oblivion
By the wild wind,
Without you
To steer me through
The storm
Bring me to the shelter
Of a safe haven,
And lead me home,

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