Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2015

INSECURE MOON~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




If darkness
Doesn’t surrounds moon
Covering its body
With a black velvet
It may lose its modesty
Its glowing round face
May dissolve in the light
Of glittering universe
Even it may be deprived
Of its femininity and
Fascinating beauty
May feel being raped
By the striking Olga
And feeling helpless
From the clutches of
Admiring & sucking lust
Left with only option
Seeking fatherly shelter
King of universe!
To live with serenity
Enjoying warmth of love
Of mother earth,
Hiding behind the sun
Joining eternal trinity
Thus enjoying pleasures
Of divine love to infinity!

By Jagjit Singh Jandu (Jit )
@ September 30, 2015.
© All Rights Reserved.

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