Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 3, 2015

Romance~by Hela Tekali




Being a romantic Lady is all I need
Overflow of powerful feelings my sweet heart to feed
I am not a haunted rose with prickly thorns driving my frail skin to bleed
or a bewitched Maiden lost in woeful despair with no starving control or emotional heed
The nectar in my flower ,its smell is so cute devoid of savage weed
I am a rare , lovely rose in season of spring
The murmur of honey bees on Summer Eves, brought my new reborn soul the finest delicacy of THE RESURRECTED EVE
The whisper in my Muse soars a new sense of inspiration and a crafted weave
My Golden Secret is the talented rhythmic prose I shall henceforth to sensual hearts delightfully instruct and give.

Written by Jenayah Tekali Hela


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