Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 8, 2015

Daily missive for Thursday the 8th of October. The Bemusement arcade.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 8th of October.
The Bemusement arcade.

The pinball was a spacecraft.
A brightly coloured
Cleverly disguised machine
Futuristically designed
To pass for retro.
It floated in a halo
Of flashing lights
And raucous bells,
That were accompanied,
By strange reptilian rattles
And whistles.
It was surrounded by aliens.
Tall gangling stick thin creatures,
With dirty denim skin,
Lank hair and pale faces.
Even in the sparkle,
Which bounced off,
Forming bubbles
Around them
And danced a jive to the music
From the Wurlitzer,
Their eyes were so dull
They looked dead.
It was difficult
To breathe around them
Through the fug.
I could see that by
The way a dewy eyed
Primrose girl
Wiped her wet nose
And leaned against one of them,
She looked likely to pass out.
There was a heavy smell,
Sweet and sour,
A little like wet carpet,
The air was damp
With perspiration,
The steam rising
With the heat of their intentions.
The pinball rocked,
Fit to burst,
It was about ready to take off.
I decided to leave,
I needed to breathe.
And they had burned up all
The oxygen.
Soon they would choke
The life out
Of this place
They seemed to be the only ones
In a room full of static
And a floor
Covered in fast food
Soda cans and flyers
For missing children.
I wondered
If it would be the same
In outer space.


  1. especially like “dirty denim skin”

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