Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 8, 2015

To my writer friends~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



To my writer friends

A block of bonded scrolls to whoop with joy
Filled with different worlds for me to enjoy
Images and emotions words employ
From mine own world swerve the decoy

A treasure to beheld my mind’s obsession
Rare colorful stones to uplift my depression
Into my reality I allowed a surreal intrusion
Author’s ink with my soul in hopeful infusion

Scribe’s works hooked me up to addiction
Warlocks and witches spell in varied diction
Tell me not how I waste my life in fiction
I find a sanctuary where I control Life’s action

But fear not a friend to join the undead
The allure of worlds I gently tread
Distinctions of reality against what I read
Sturdy over my shoulder stands my head

Belittle not the power of Word wizards
Sway they the minds stronger than blizzards
Their emphatic gifts foretell more than fowl’s gizzards
Their hands stickier than forest lizards

Let your words in pages unceasingly flow
Let your minds in my consciousness glow
Let my spirit rise up from gutters low
To you all writers in gratitude I kowtow.

THANK YOU poem and story writers .

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