Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 11, 2015

WINTER~by Rajendra Padhi




I am awakened from slumber by wafts of wind
Breathing into room soft music of solitude
The night pours out intensity perched by moon
Fresh shower of silvery rays at the door.

What is concealed in the day betrayed by works
Comes like frost in memory freezing hours
Dew drops shine on faded and scentless flowers
Where is the warmth of newly sprouted love?

I shimmer languishing the mingled breaths
Perfumed in feelings in one another” heart,
Tracing leafy lips of a sprightly girl in my arms
I remember restlessly in this season of frost.

The dark hair flows in the breeze in playful curves
Tears fall like dew from midnight blue of sky
Winter is at passion’s intensity enthralls senses
When I had told my first love in brimming words.

The soul sits cool like a harvested golden grain
Memory lustrous as dew drops falling at the door
A swan floats serenely in the lake of the eyes
Sparkle among lilies under countless stars.

The felicity grows with the notes of the stream
A passed joy is brought alive with the touch of winter,
Wavelet of fog covers my face in lonely walk
Recall me in snowing age ruffling songs of past.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi

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