Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 17, 2015

In my mothers eyes~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by my dear friend Anita


In my mothers eyes

As i wait for my past to catch up with my past
Reminiscing in the present of a past gone by past
In which i live to still dwell
Of my life gone off so fast
Which i once loved
In it to be lulled
In my mother’s memories
In her lullabys loved
Singing to the night
In a voice so soft
Ushering in the night
In her tresses so dark
As the moon appears in her eyes
Bringing in dreams of twilight
In her hopes to dispel
All my fears of the night

I now lie waiting for the dark
In hopes bemoaned
As I lie fearing the dark
In the stealthiness of the night
When they will take away her life
To sing the lullabys of life
Stealing the darkness of the night

I will lie awake
Wondering of that night
When she put me to sleep
In my cold life
Singing in her warmth
To take away the fears in my eyes

I cry helplessly to her now
To take away her fears of her dying life
To once again quell the fears in her eyes
In the falling tears of my life
Which just no more wipe
In her crying eyes

To quell the fears in my eyes
I can’t look her in her eyes to meet her dying eyes
If only they would take away my fears
replace my life with her life

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