Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 21, 2015

Run Wolf Run~by Norman Wilson



Run Wolf Run


Run wolf run
Run Into the flashing sun
Toward the gusting winds
Where the breeze ceases to end
And the vetting begins

Run wolf run
Run to the jagged edge
Faster if you can
Upon a soften winter’s bed
In a storm of snow white
Spawning before the dawning
Of a frosty daylight

Run wolf run
Run under the stealth of night
Beneath a falling star
Where the flame embarks on
With the tail of a fox
Journeying into twilight

Rest wolf rest
Rest by the fringe
Then look into the brink
With eyes flaring red
Where trees sore
Sore up high
Towards the northern rise
Onto blackness of night

Howl wolf howl
Howl out in vain
As the full moon rises
Announcing your reign
Hold your head up
Under the moon of blood
Where tears in the forest
Are never enough

All rights reserved 11/17/15
Norman Francis

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