Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 28, 2015

Angel~by ‎Karen King‎





You are at the top of my tree to finish it off perfectly.
A symbol of love and protection for Christians.
Do they really help us or are they just in the bible
in the stories that are told?

Are they just in heaven or do they love
and protect us at all times?
Stop rushing around, relax and slow down.
You may pick up a loving presence.
That is your angel around you.

Open your eyes to miracles.
The white feather appearing in front of you,
an unexpected butterfly appearing out of nowhere,
then vanishing into thin air, out of season.

Be open to love and miracles.
Your life will take on a new meaning.
You will notice and appreciate the little things
and be a happier person.

Be a child. Open your eyes to the wonder of life.
You closed your eyes and mind many years ago
when you felt let down and you had to “grow up”.
Be a child once again and enjoy the mystery and miracle of life!

“Poems for Humanity; Looking from the Side Lines”
Karen King Copyright 2014

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