Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 4, 2015

She Danced~by Karen King



She Danced


She danced in the snow, not feeling the cold,
Where there were glimpses of red from afar.
She danced in the North.
She danced in Lapland.

She danced in the desert, not feeling the heat,
Amongst the tombstones of the pharaohs.
She danced in the East.
She danced in Egypt.

She danced in the tropical rainforests, remaining dry,
Gliding gorgeously over the forest floor.
She danced in the South.
She danced in South America.

She danced amongst the glittering lights, shining,
On the sidewalks and over the bridges.
She danced in the West.
She danced in New York.

She danced in the physical realms,
She danced on the astral plane,
She danced in his dreams,
She danced, until she became his reality.

Karen King Copyright 4 December 2015

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