Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 4, 2015

Terror Chain~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Terror Chain


Where can we say it’s safe today
When hatred shows where it may
Blames done where it easily lay
Chaos and death feared day by day

An eye for an eye world be blind
Two eyes for one what’s left behind
Anger and grief can screw one’s mind
Bullies who parties one can find

Where is Love that everyone preach
When violence is out for all to reach
What way can circle of crime breach
When good hearts can not teach?

Who are we to say war is right
Take innocent lives that can’t fight?
Have the power to kill for fright?
Expect peace pushed out of sight?

Everyday someone wants vengeance
To innocent ones without defence
Destroy all build no sanctuary fence
How can such thinking make sense

I know of grief, fear, anger and pain
But with show of power what do we gain
Terrorism plays the musical refrain
But who’s the terrorist? An endless chain

How can the Terror Chain be broken?
Hatred and discrimination seen often
Not all on earth allowed to see heaven
Be not blind to Brotherhood of Men.

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