Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 5, 2015

Hidden Garden (Lover´s Corner)~by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio



Hidden Garden (Lover´s Corner)

It is love at first sight
Instantly that strikes in each others eyes
Have found a special place in their heart
A fateful encounter and new beginning
Of a great love, that so close
As a voyage of life like in fairy tale

A delight when each other`s seen
Which inspires one another and gives
A wonderful insight in life
For the world, turns on this lovers
She is his world and he for her
She can´t live without him
Or him without her in this world.

Time to depart, torn and bleeding
Counting days, tears and sighs
For both is considerably dreary and gray
Only their love can bring themselves back
And the rainbow and colour of life
Both closed their eyes and wished
In a thousand silent ways

Here, in this “Hidden Garden”
Has been expressed their love
In flowing times and rhymes
Every words and laughter`s is a legacy
To embarked an exciting journey
A compromise has been made
For they are lost without each others presence
In these lovers corner they sealed it with a kiss.


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