Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2015

AMOROUS DREAMS~by Tukur Loba Ridwan





(A duet by Tukur and Zannu)
O’ Beauty!
My eyes could see through
The dim that clothed you
‘Cause your body chose to glow
Out of a light-down-low
O’ Tenderness!
How divine your touch
It pleases my skin so much
Sending goose-bumps across
You render my mind at loss.
What a charm you possess!
Giving my love for you, a life
Why won’t I make you my wife?
With you beside me, I feel blessed.
Let’s take a walk hand in hand
Along the path of the boulevard
Let me show you how love feels,
Then you may have me on my knees.
You must be a princess;
Borne of the love-goddess
‘Cause you seem like a royalty
Why I give you my utmost loyalty.
More than a woman I’ve seen
But more than just human you’ve been
Throwing me into the middle of your mystery
With your elegance; worthy of history.
How fortunate!
To have had a one like you
Not in a cold world like this
But in such a sweet dream; I missed!
For I’m yet to find the true you,
How unfortunate!
My head’s bursting with every note you sing
My heart expands with emotion
At every note you play
You have captivated my heart
With the words you speak…
You have taken my breath and left me breathless
How fortunate I am among maidens
To have seized your heart
And have you fall for me
You call me princess….
‘Princess’!…how sweet that echoes
Pulsating the throb of my heart
However…I’m but a poor servant-girl
At your feet and at your call
You hold my heart in your hands
Take care of it for me
My heart’s guardian;
My prince
My knight in shining amour
This dream so sweet
I never want to wake up from
How we started remains a mystery
I know the ending, nonetheless.
How fortunate!
To have found someone like you
I am blessed to have the honour
Of deeming you mine
Until we meet
I’ll strap you to my heart
Until I find you
My heart’s guardian.

(c) 2015
All Rights Reserved.

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