Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2015

At the airport lounge~by Nutan Sarawagi



At the airport lounge

As he waited expectant in the lounge
to catch the first plane to reach his mom

who lay in death fighting herself in her cancer
unable to beat the wait to see him in her death
lying forlorn

to meet her little baby she had left when he was three
as he cried for her not to leave him but she was in such a hurry to be
to start her new life with her new love to be
breaking her old bonds in her new bonds
not looking back in her world no more now hers to be

with her the little baby crying mom come back to me
don’t go away i will not be able to live without you
even for one day please don’t leave me
I am your little baby
you promised to live with me all your life with you
to forever with you to be

but his cries she was unable to hear
it fell on deaf years
in her eagerness to leave in her new life to be
severing her old ties with her new husband to be

now she waits on her death bed her little grown up boy to meet
flying out to reach
to catch her last words as in her death she retreats
to her breaking heart
weakening in her every heartbeat
His name on her lips
as her last breath as she breathes
Waiting at the airport to catch her last breath to speak

will he make it in time for the last time to meet

asking her why she had left him when he needed her the most
the many unasked unspoken questions waiting to be answered utmost

as she turns to him breaking his endless wait
the answer comes pouring out before its too late
in her breaking voice of her broken words
the storm passing through them no more can wait
all boundaries of love in it to break

as she turns to him in her tear filled eyes to beseech
gently rubbing her shaking hands over his head
ruffling his hair in her soft voice to entreat

i had left you little one
forgive me
when i am gone
for what i have done to you
i lived with it forever long
come let me hold you in my arms
for all those years
when i did you so much wrong
to never leave you again
in my arms to never rest
as i hold you in life
in my life to protest
life why did you make me , tempt me , err me to do this wrong
as i leave you with his arms around me so strong

don’t leave me little boy
hold me tight i will never leave you
i forever live in your arms
even though I am gone i take you in my arms
to live with me forever long
i die with you in my arms
she softly cries in her voice
as she dies cradling him in her arms
her old ties in her new ties now free of her alms
In it renewed never to die
live lifelong
In a time which was now hers
In it
it no more flew
stopped in time
it only grew
to never return
To meet him in
another life
In her next life left to renew

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