Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2015

Night -Peace~by Hela Tekali



Night -Peace


Would it be there for me a night- peace
Stars from the sky moving like a bliss
A serene feeling, a verdant garden washing all that sorrow
Like an abundant rain watering the earth ‘s soil on the morrow
Undisturbed by the delight in my heart,
A call forth for a loss of pain to depart
A clear Moon – an unobserved eye shall I accord
To unremembered floods of pain my sensitive soul it pitilessly afford
Where the Moon along the sky
Will sail away from mortal eye
And when the clouds asunder fly
How bright are those wings of a butterfly!
My spirit droops for a smiling face
Bright ship of Heaven ‘s grace
A counter impulse let me take
For a Night Peace, A serene bliss will make me awake.

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry
Night – peace

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