Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2015

The Catacombs of your Mind~by Karen King



The Catacombs of your Mind


You take me through the catacombs of your mind,
There are many tunnels to choose I find.
Some are of loss, some are of pain.
Some when you despaired, your life never the same

I never know which passageway you will take,
How much more before you break?
The passageways are narrow, I can hardly fit,
Once I’ve squeezed through, there is a fiery pit.

Sometimes, I have to crouch and crawl
And I wish I wasn’t so tall.
In the damp darkness, I long for a potion.
Like Alice in Wonderland. What a notion!

Tales of heartbreak, tales of death,
Tales of your love and her last breath.
Tales of love, tales of despair,
Tales now she’s no longer physically there.

Continue your tales to heal your heart,
For you and she will never part.
She will always exist, your loving wife,
But perhaps it’s time for a different life?

Your words are your weapons to realease the pain,
Rather than drinking again and again.
She would not want you in this state,
She would want your happiness before it’s too late.

I know beyond, there is a light,
Beyond the dark, it is bright.
The ceiling raises, the tunnels made wide,
Just find the strength that is inside.

You no longer need to be broken,
I hope you hear the words I have spoken.
You are the Stephen King of poetry,
I’m afraid everything’s as it’s meant to be.

Your words are a gift for all,
So it’s not the time for you to fall.
So, turn from the shadows and look to the light,
Your life no longer needs to be in blight.

Karen King Copyright 5 December 2015

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