Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 8, 2015

‪#‎Accident‬~by Lopamudra Mishra





Unable to control my breath when our eyes met,
Reflected on my faded cheeks,now changed to warm red,
Earlops hot in winter as if cold vanished away,
Could feel the hot air without the woolen scraf’s tight knot,,
The chill air whisks the melody of your presence,
My hair strands fallen on my forehead carelessly hides my burning feelings to bay,
We are struck in crowd ,with strangers ‘s staring look and shout,,
Newly bloosomed romance is giving a soothing pleasure bout,
We exchanged the fire in our looks,
Eventhough you stood maintaining a gap from me ,my heart searches you in me,
Sudden jerk shook my nerves when the bus jolted near the railway level crossing iron belt stop,
Bus started shivering with the sudden brake,
I could feel our bus dash the gate,
Shivering with fear ,crying loud for help,I lost my balance,slipped,loosing grip,
Saw your strong hands come forward to comfort me from accident fear,
Holding my hands,you pulled me out,saved me from accidentent’s grouch,
Poeple shout and cry,accidentanlly the bus shaved itself from rampage,,
Innocents saved in the bus but my heart lost in the buzz,
Accident drew us close,


  1. Thank you reposting my poems

    • you are most welcome always! and I thank YOU for allowing me to share your thoughts!

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