Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 9, 2015

This wonderful, wonderful day~by rldubour

Christmas Collection:

This wonderful, wonderful day

It’s snowing on this wonderful day

It’s snowing let’s go out and play.

It’s snowing on this wonderful day

On this wonderful winter day.

Let’s go outside and build a snowman,

We’ll name him Charlie Brown.

Let’s go outside and build a snowman

Or we can just fool around.

The sleds are all waxed and ready to go

Down that hillside path.

Or we can make angels in the snow

What do you think about that?

Hand and hand we can walk through the snow

With no special place to go.

As long as we are at each other’s side

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

If we get cold we can go inside

Snuggle up and watch a holiday show

Or we can build a fire and turn the lights down low

Listen to the music and watch the fire burn slow.

It’s snowing and Christmas time is near

It’s snowing and I have no fear.

That Santa will come this year

With his sleigh and his tiny reindeers.

It’s snowing on this winter day

On this wonderful, wonderful day!

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