Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 10, 2015

Daily missive Thursday the 10th of December~by Peter Forster



Daily missive Thursday the 10th of December


Love sings
It howls
Like an animal
Caught in a trap
Waiting for release
Eaten from the inside out
Burning up
A heart on fire
A bird in flight
A whispered promise
In the night
A sleepless wait
The deepest ache
Euphoric bliss
And tender kiss
That lingers,
The movement
Of her fingers,
The tremor
when you touch
The fear
Of losing
All you know
The heartbreak
When you
Have to go
It calls your name
Nothing else
Will ever sound the same
A cry in the night
A gentle sob
A scream
Against the dying light
It gives life
Consumes your soul
Takes it out
And fills the hole
With sorrow
When there is
Nothing but tomorrow
That always seems
To take too long
Lost in a thought
Caught up
In the words
And the sadness
Of a song
That love brings.


  1. Love it.I will share it on my fb

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