Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 10, 2015

Smile Awhile~by Norman Wilson



Smile Awhile


It maybe by chance that we both smiled
It maybe we by choice, that we laughed awhile
In view of a light burning brighter in our eyes
Brighter than an etched out star bursting, inside

To shine on love of the sweetest song of life
With those that roll into the shackles holding tight
Soothing their souls crossed in the opening of a starlit night
Not to ponder under the wick of moon or candlelight

Thou have no greater mystery than the mystery of our smile
The smile that joins us together for a certain while
In song so sweet so harmonious to the perfection of our souls
In shine of light so fertile bright that love so firmly holds

To take thy last smile and place it on the sweetest of face
Then to take thy hand and wave, to say see you in awhile
When the wick of candlelight burns out and takes away your last smile
Along a road unfilled in darkness of light that goes for miles and miles

All rights reserved 12./07/15
Norman Francis

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