Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2015

Never Let Go~by Lilian D Kunimasa and Nutan Sarawagi



Never Let Go


Written by Lilian D Kunimasa and Nutan Sarawagi

just hold my hand and walk with me
together we shall cross this sea
please do not let go of my hand
I swear to obey thy command

together to traverse five seas
in oceans terrains to find thee
in hope to find thy spirit in me
find thee in me to set me free

free my desire to be with thee
thy presence shall fill me with glee
as we go through this harsh journey
filled with trials of misery

in my misery rests my love
in my love I seek thee in me
in a love forever so pure
to love even more than before

before my eyes thy beauty shine
a heavenly spirit divine
my heart yearns to have thee as mine
and live a life with yours entwine

entwined with love I hold thy hand
as life beckons me with both hands
love for thee goes stronger in me
my life becomes sheer ecstacy

in sheer ecstasy I am thine
and I now take your hand as mine
forever in us I’ll believe
I vow only for you to live

live without you I can no more
a life I cannot live no more
in my life I will live with you
I shall never let go of you

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