Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 13, 2015

Merry Holidays~by rldubour

Christmas Collection:


Merry Holidays

If one looks at history they would truly see

Our country is still known as the brave and Free!

Others faith I will not deny, when religion is their view

So, I will say “Merry Holidays” to every one of you.

I am a devoted Christian and always have been one

For on our holy day, God sent his only Son.

This is why we celebrate and call it Christmas Day

This is my right as an American to celebrate this way.

I do admit I celebrate good tidings and good cheer

To every one so close to me those I hold so dear.

With all the decorations and brightly lighted tree

Just the thought of giving, is what Christmas means to me.

There are more faiths that celebrate this joyous season

No matter how they celebrate we all have our own reason.

We have the Jewish faith that celebrate their Hanukkah

And the African Americans who celebrate their Kwanzaa.

Every one should keep their faith and how they celebrate

Freedom of Religion is what made our country great!

I see no difference really in what faith one celebrates

It’s what one believes and the choices that they make.

Now in this holiday season, I wish you all the best.

For no matter what religion, everyone is truly blessed.


  1. Great poem Ron of faith during this time of year. But I must say, the holiday of Christmas is to celebrate the Birth of Jesus and so it is His Birthday and as a Christian I will always say Merry Christmas.

  2. a blessed merry Christmas to you and yours

  3. Here’s something to think about. In Latin, which was the language used in that time, -mas means death. So Christ-mas is the DEATH of Christ, not birth.

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