Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2015

The Divine Butterfly ~by Jaya Gupta



The Divine Butterfly 

Today is a sacred day of love and belonging.
It is this festivity which brings celebration in my life.
It is the joy that I love sharing.

Wherever love is rooted,
Charm is found in each life.
Whenever a leaf flutters,
it is a sign from heaven,
Breeze is welcoming your attention.
Breeze is welcoming new life.
Wind is soothing your temples.
What an experience it is!
To be caught in a living purity of life…
To see what you must have been missing.
To dance in joy & laughter with trees and birds.

What a wonderful feeling it is,
to be loved and cherished…
What a peaceful heart it is,
which gives love, just to simply bless with happiness & beauty.

How nice it is!
When breeze takes me to the places,
which were only seen through my third eye.

The places where I belong,
The place where love is grown.
The places where miracles have home.
The scene where,
I am one with all that there is what my heart can call.
Lots of love smile emoticon

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