Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 18, 2015

Leap of Faith~by Norman Wilson



Leap of Faith


You knew me best in consequences of our friendship
You could tell the little things that shaped my spells
On the rooftop of my existence I did flounder
Looking down on the laneways of my hell

I will fly from the rooftop into an unexpected tomorrow
For the friend that picked me out of the sky
From gentle rest within a lightness of hearts borrowed
Before a cloud of nestling tumbleweeds score by

Re-open the loophole in time on the rooftop
Then secure the safety netting when I fly just to fall
Built upon the fabric of our long time friendship
To the hoopla of my detractors strident calls

Engaged in the conundrum that has taken me to the rooftop
Before light and darkness brought my evil to the edge
Taken in force to flight torn away in loves last friendship
So catch me if you can before the tumbleweed strikes me dead

All rights reserved 12, 16, 15
Norman Francis

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