Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 19, 2015

Black Scorpion~by Norman Wilson



Black Scorpion


I hear the crow of the roster
As I slump down in my bed
Beneath the warm coverings
Gently raising them over my head

Then I slip into sleeps slumber
And dream of dreams dreamt
As I see a scorpion in dark of desert
Leaving me wondering what it meant

Not knowing why it gathers my thoughts
As I tussle and flounder in my bed
As time does not seem to matter
To the circus playing out in my head

There is a scorpion of darkness
It surrounds the last breath of sleep
For it signals one more death on the desert
A death causing families to weep

Tears flow upon the desert
That causes my dreams to see
Estranged to the guns of war
While the scorpion continues to be

The roster roars no more
As the sun rises to the last crow
From a dream dreamt without endings
Where the scorpion of war trawls

Awake awake to the sunshine
Where dreams are but dreams in the night
To arise to the waking of mind and soul
As dreams disappear in dawn of light

All rights reserved 12.16, 15
Norman Francis

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