Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 25, 2015

Dear Santa!~by rldubour

Christmas Collection:


Dear Santa!

I hope it’s not to late

To add to my Christmas list.

Cause here a just a few things

That I should have never missed!

Can you stop the violence?

The heartbreaks and the fears

That goes on every day

And get worse though out the years.

Christmas should be merry

And not filled with tears.

Christmas should be family

A time for all to gather near.

Take away the evil

That lurks in a persons mind.

I know that you can do this

So please take the time,

The present that you drop off

Fill it full of peace.

To make a mind nice and strong

Instead off being weak.

Tell them that it’s wrong

To take a human life

To take a loved one from us

Don’t need all this strife.

So Santa if you can

Add this to my Christmas list

Cause these are just the few things

That I should have never missed!


  1. Very nice Ron not to mention meaningful. The only thing I can say is the poem is more like a prayer and should be directed toward God. Only He can bring peace on earth.

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