Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2015

Magic Words~by Norman Wilson



Magic Words


She tore away within the night
As I tore her heart before the candlelight
The wick burned away in lost trust
From her tigress eyes peering thrust

We would hug and moan all alone
In a bed of questionable, prickling thorns
As the gentle wind stood so fair
Bringing forth the magic of a mystic unicorn

Still she left on the winds sweeping by
While barking dogs shared her cries
Howling like wolves below twinkling stars
As I pondered for an answer to the question, why

Stardust once sprinkled in tidbits of love
Flushing on the lining of our blushing hearts
Escaping in a whisk of raptures bliss
Sealing our souls with heaven’s kiss

Yet clustered in adventures on rings and squares
Rings on fingers and promises shared
Fluttered in words carried by doves
Never securing my promise of true love

To risk the thorns of all that I adore
For what mocking banters in my head
Engaging promises of matters to thy heart
Given in warmth throes upon our bed

In fields of weeds, that carries the seeds
In adage of words carried on the breeze
Shall I relent to the words you wish to hear
The tender words of love upon your ears

Where flooding tears on blankets spread
Spread across weeping eyes, coloured red
The colour of a bleeding heart that you bear
Wondering what love we truly share

Was it the vine clinging to the strangling rose
Or a scent of apple traveling on the wind flow
Could the tentacles of the vine ever let her run free
Must it be the rose traveling on the winds with me

Beauty would sparkle from her eyes once more
Upon gentle rift that flames her heart inside
Poignant was the words I spoke tenderly in her ear
In verbiage that quells the heart, “I love you dear”

All rights reserved 12/23/15
Norman Francis

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