Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2015

Dancing in the snow~by Nutan Sarawagi


Inspired by Ron DuBour


Dancing in the snow

In Christmas carols to sing in delight
Never cross full of sprite
every tune a new tone of life
casting a spell in its mistletoe
to kiss a new Christmas so alive

In feelings so warm to almost picture a life
A life in life in words flowing alongside
In words so ordinary a slice out of life
As we go singing songs high pitched
Singing all night
In a guitar strung to the stars
playing to the melody of their light
Hand in hand we go for a sleigh ride
side by side
Loving you all the way
waiting for Santa to come our way
to fulfil our longings with love in it to stay
going all night come what may
in dreams spun in clouds so soft
in eyes falling in lights so lost

in their love to never overcome
seeing love in our dreams
never to be outdone
in our love to forever come
never to be undone

as I wait for you to hold my hand
hand in hand
in a sleigh driven by your hand

no one but just you as one the love that cradles my life in its light all my life never going out of light

in my heart where love never cries
just in its love
forever lies in loves might
in its love never going
out of sight

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