Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 19, 2016

LOST~ by rldubour



LOST by rl dubour

A little boy just standing there
this question I did ask.
As he looked up and scratched his head
I thought, “This is my task.”

I then went to the next step.
And asked what was his name.
Again he looked, but did not speak
just scratched his head the same.

I found him on a street corner
the sun was going down.
My duty was to keep him safe,
Not good this part of town!

Still as quiet as can be.
He had never spoke a word.
He stared at me then rubbed his eyes
and blinked like they were blurred.

I said to him where do you live?
Again there’s no reply.
I am getting nowhere, so
asked Youth Aid to stop by.

I waited there till they showed up,
then I was on my way.
Now I was sure that he was safe
I finished out my day.

When I was ready to go home
I thought about that boy.
So Youth Aid once again I called
for news I would enjoy.

They told me that the boy was deaf
he could not even talk.
These words were on the black-board
No name… in yellow chalk.

I could not help but think about
this boy and how he came.
Why was he left on that corner?
What was this young boy’s name?

With no missing child report but
Youth Aid did their best.
No other choice they had that day,
but to call D.Y.S.

Off to a special holding place
where he would have good care.
Eventually went to a home,
more kids just like him there.

Now when I think about this boy,
Whose life was far from glossed.
And I get a different meaning for
this little word called…. LOST.

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