Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 30, 2016

STRAND~by Saroj Padhi




As dark descends onto the ground
here on this riverside mound
and the moon quivers with fear of a fall
from the eastern horizon,
memories of you traverse the foggy bank
with rows of wild bushes overgrown
where I hide like a bird hopping at intervals
by a stroke of destiny thereto thrown;

my feathers lost to the wind flutter on grass
in a vacant ecstasy
my talons broken, grip a lump of marsh
in a state of sudden lunacy;

compassion flows from the hidden spring
under the bush where I halt to dream
for my love once surged there like a hot spring
composing a lyric in the sands,
glow-worms come streaming thro’ the leafy boughs
in search of that light that ignited the enlightened strands .

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