Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 31, 2016

Idle Hands~by Norman Wilson



Idle Hands

My idle hands reach out in disbelief
In a place given to my will but lost in speech
Shielded in a field of blue seas of iniquity
Before my heavy heart reaches back at me

I feel a sense stitched within a clutch of air
A final fling from idle hands of hopeless despair
Where blossoms no longer bloom in the spring
For the darker side has brought death to everything

Incurable skies forewarning in what we seek
Where odyssey of man has climbed a monolith to the highest peak
As idle hands reach atop a rock-strewn brow in sway
While grey ambitions turnout to plough away our last night and day

What fate we share I do not know my friends
For when new life ceases to be, it could be our end
Therefore, I reach out to you with idle hands
To touch the face of God that ties our bonds to the land

All rights reserved 01/27/16
Norman Francis

I must confess it has become more difficult to read and write so please bear with me my dear friends

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