Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 3, 2016

Anniversary!!~by Lopamudra Mishra




The lucious spring cool breeze embraced me with its ring,
The seductive trees sing the lovely hymn.,
The chriping birds hums with tune fine,
My heart flows with memories of thine,
My limbs ushered with joyous ringe,
To hear your beep from the phone ring,
As you promised to return from official tour in time,
Every day chat vibrates my wings,
I wait eagerly for it,to hear the dear voice of mine,
Your leave added my joy more,,
Preparing many menus in one time,
Today is the due day ,so I dressed carefully to impress thine,
Hours seem long to pass time,
Waiting for your loving steps in the door way,
I rush out every time to feel your presence n smile,
The cool spring wind touches my veins,
To calm the my stresses n to relax in nature’s rhyme,
Darkness engulfed the sky,now my love mix with anger about to brust out,
Then I heard the sound of your knock,
All my anger melted in flock,
I saw your smiling face with gifts in hand for my sake,
Today is our anniversary you didn’t forget,
Your warm domain reflects your love,that,
you too wait eagerly for me to merge n celebrate the day.
Happy Anniversary.!!

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