Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 10, 2016

In my memories of that day~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by my merry gold Merigold



In my memories of that day

In my tomorrow I live in my today
to never go away
wishing myself my tomorrow in another day
let me live in my today
who knows about tomorrow its another day
it may come or go another way
for today is my day
in it to be lived each moment
the way I want it to everyday

let me hold on to it
to live with it each day
each day living it , for each day
in its tommorow to never go away
for today leads to tommorow anyway
in it looking forward to each day
each day lived in its each way
to be with you in your memories of the day
stamped in you forever , in its love to mark it with love
in memories of that day
when I lived in my memories
to hold me
to never go away
now I live in those memories
holding them close to me
in memories of that day
my memories of life
in my life to stay
with me to never go away
come what may


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