Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 10, 2016

Never-Ever~by Norman Wilson




She is my partner, my lover my friend
As we walk down the road framed together
In pitch of blue, with eyes stunned by view
Where we see as one towards the never-ever

The earth comes into flower in flawless green
Where harbingers muse amid a poetic scene
While swirling winds come blustering through
Harking back to our hearts where sparrows flew

We walk together toward the never-ever to find
Hearts aglow, a-burning in sweetest time
As love cleaves to the seconds of a pendulum swing
Bursting outward in loving words that dance and sing

She cradles my heart and I hers upon the walking trail
Chained in step past loves pitfalls along the dale
Where the never-ever tries to appear to bring down our sails
As jealous trolls try to pull our love under with no avail

She is my eternal partner, my lover my wife
As we share the pathway down the road of life
For we are destined to be together forever and ever
As our love avoids the temptations of the never-ever

All rights reserved 02/07/16
Norman Francis

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