Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2016

Enchanted. Magical and Beautiful Night My Loves !!!~by Sandra Regina Viana



Enchanted. Magical and Beautiful Night My Loves !!!

Because everything is simple, truly touches us …
Simply charming, truly saves us …
That always remain the best seeds, always …
Where you spend …
Do not rush the walk, go slowly planting …
Do not rush to publish their joys or sorrows.
Live with them before putting them in the gardens of life.
Not everything the word can say.
And yet you know, not everything needs to be said!
Words, deeds, are seeds that we planted later in life …
One day after the other, one step at a time,
And we will going …
Getting lost, lying, reinventing themselves …
And on cloudy days, a certainty.
The sun always shines again and the land to sprout …
That all good energies are around.
That happiness come running to meet him bringing smiles, affection, delicacy, sincere words and sweet, courage, friendship,
and a great desire to give their best.
There is no rain bad feelings prevail, there is dismay
that it is, there is no fear that is established, there is no gap in the heart
who brings the Sun of Joy, the seed of optimism, of faith,
Hope, LIFE !!
A peaceful and blessed night for all of us …
Scented kisses in your heart

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