Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 16, 2016

Love , Ishq , Prem~by Aarti Mittal



Love , Ishq , Prem


Love is two sides of the same coin
Yes it is sweet
It is a feel awesome
It is a feel more than expression
Love is universal but not the same for all
Love knows no race
No caste
No colour
No age
It is a religion without religion
Love is meditation
Love knows no boundries
Love is to achieve
Love is to give
Love is to sacrifice
Love is to see someone happy
Love is to see someone smile
Yourself being the reason
It brings tears in your eyes
Lips painted with smiles
Love is pain
Love is heal
Love is cure
Love is to suffer
Love is to feel
Love is not just to touch the body
But the soul
Experiance it in the divine infinity
To love unconditionally
Shall become your goal….
Copyright @ Rita
Aarti Mittal

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