Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 21, 2016

REFLECTIONS~by ‎Rajendra Padhi‎




The sun hangs like a lump of molten gold
Earth is suffused with the luster of its rays,
My languid glances when I walk on streets
Amazing for the passionate souls to think.

Fair words of fine folk wear attire of desires
Faces spangled with beads of sweat for life
Dragged by questions my mind tortures deep
Amazing for souls to know its magic of answers.

When I pluck the flowers the songs of bees
Fade with the grief of separation concealed,
Hidden behind a bush on the bank of river
Amazing for soul to find them with other flowers.

I see the reflection of my searching eyes
For the pollen of creation brooding long
My mind is fragrant from fresh furrowing ideas
Veering the seed in me amazing to learn.

Savoring tenderness of feelings true and fair
Each of experience on the roads of earth,
My soul adorned with the vast silence of space
Amazing, I am the answers of my questions.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padh

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