Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 25, 2016

Good Night My Loves … A Beautiful Dawn …~by Sandra Regina Viana



Good Night My Loves … A Beautiful Dawn …

The reality is much greater than what we can see in the limitation of our eyes … Try to “feel ” and see that simplicity is residing , the greatest mysteries …
Are the dreams and hopes that strengthen our steps .
Letting it do the charms on ties.
And faith at all times , make it embraces.
Recharge and cleanse your soul
Grant seriousness in your spirit
Tune in to your self
And vibrate its existence
exhale joy
Purify all your bad feelings
Let go of negative things
Dance in your body the contrast of wanting
Transcender want … peace and harmony
And overflowing positive energy
Discovering worldwide within you
Cultivating wisdom and knowledge
The fruit of happiness causes good thoughts
Make your smile your umbrella
Pouring a perfect silhouette
Involved complicity and love
And the God who dwells within you
Be happy and true to your soul
The intensity of the eternal pursuit of the new
Moves the light ..
And that love is always present at the beginning and end of the day , every day ..
Scented kiss in your heart

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