Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 25, 2016

Steely Heart~by Norman Wilson



Steely Heart

This world has changed in many ways
In ways that I could never say
Yet the river and the ocean stay the same
While my love keeps driving me insane

I have a feeling that she is stealing away
Where the rivers cross my heart keeping me in dismay
Rippling the tides of waters rising within my heart
That keeps me wondering why she would want to stray

Mindlessly I would gleam in loves keep in Bangor Maine
Where horrid things fly over on blacken crow’s wings
Inside a broken honey-pod set adrift in river’s end
Scrolled in books by my favourite writer Stephen King

What behaviour lies in hearts of hateful men
That wishes all trails known to my heart’s avail
To assail upon the love that I staunchly defend
From the hilltop of our love to the river bend

She calls out upon the trails of a carefree wind
Calling out over a field of green just for me
Where the river keeps flowing through my heart
In Bangor Maine where I sit by the river near the sea

Her steely heart has changed within the light of day
A heart I found by the river that I moulded from clay
We will build our future on the trails of Bangor Maine
As she has just promised me, she would always stay

All rights reserved 02/21/16
Norman Francis

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