Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2016

SECOND CHANCE~by Lopamudra Mishra




The waves of thoughts coir my stress to a tangled web,
Silently I move with my feelings folded,,
The cool air between you and me slowly unburdens as tear traces,
As we miss the passionate days of cheerful braces,,
Untimely rain pours its shower with a passionate wish,,
You drive me crazy as the time’s sting move in its ring,
I could guess you , like me fumbling in expressing words of longing,
Now our silence speaks with heated air of passion,
Still mute with our emotions, we move ahead without expressions,
The chillness in our feelings may erupt like lava one day,
But things may turn another way, so speak your heart to me,
Let me hear ,the words very dear, that will give comfort to my ears,
I want you by my side so that i will share my stress and smile for my fear,
Start our love with rising sun rays ,let it burn like a fiery ball of wire,
Never our misunderstanding to hinder our feeling,
Lets give a second chance to our story, lets have a new beginning.


  1. Silence is golden but not always.

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