Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 29, 2016

Thrill is Gone~by Norman Wilson



Thrill is Gone

Do not ponder
For what still might wonder
Then stray in hasty saunter
In dark thrills of early light

On Knotting Hill by the windowsill
Where could be heard, soundings
Of the screeching thrills
In sunset where bad plays kill

They creep pass one another
Trolling in black aspects
Never to be called my brother
As they walk in phase with others

There are the old thrills
That passes through the night
Sneaking onto a red carpet
To steal eyes that sally bye

They are the grizzly masters
That appears faceless with many frills
Below in the suburbs
Inclusive of Knotting Hill

A paradox of actors
Wait in place on Hollywood Square
Where the blind man falters
As the thrills are lost in fog of air

No longer welcome are the unprivileged men
For blinkers came without diversity
That sees thrills neither black nor white
For the thrills are taken out of Oscar night

All rights reserved 02/23/16
Norman Francis

A protest against the golden Oscar turned pure white
I hope not to offend

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