Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2016

Fire with fire~by rldubour



Fire with fire

I have to ask this question
please answer truthfully
What is your first reaction
when family is in need?

In this case let’s take religion
and put it to the side.
Someone has hurt your child
right before your eyes!

There is no second chance to give
we must stop evil where it lives.
Turning of the cheek, gone on long enough
paying of the dues, time we all got tough.

The solution to our problem
might seem a bit complex
Forgive the little sarcasm that is
coming next.

Let us say John Doe is crazy and
violence is his vice.
Should we all embrace him and tell
him that’s not nice?

Try and wear the victim’s shoes
tell me how they fit.
Guaranteed that you will say, “Don’t like
it, not one bit!”

If something bad was going to happen
right inside your home.
Would you not protect your loved ones
if you were all alone?

Now this becomes a different picture
much more personal
You will take what ever means
as an individual..

Tell me now that what I say, about
fighting fire with a fire.
Evil must be made to pay, with a
Sign that says…”RETIRED”

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