Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2016

Take Me Home~by Norman Wilson



Take Me Home

The sands in the hourglass
Are running low
So follow me
Yes, follow me
Down below

The winds
No longer strongly blow
So follow me
Yes, follow me
Once more
Down below

Come forth
Stand by me
Hold each other’s hands
In the tide of change
In a fierce increasing

Bruised we are
Without meat on the bone
Please stand by me
For I stand alone
So far
Far away
Away from my county home

Now the hourglass has emptied
Emptied down below
Where the winds blow stronger
Where hearts no longer, sow
Leaving me once more
Destined to be
Sadly alone

So lift me up
Then take me, yes take me
Back home
Where I shall never again
Be left falling
And drowning timelessly
Down below

All rights reserved 02/24/16
Norman Francis

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