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Life is getting no younger
Yet she takes me for a fool
Why dreams are dying
We walk pass each other on the street

Pretending life is beautiful and better
We try to convince the world with a smile
While on our backyard its hell getting lose
Mama not there when there are nightmares

Down in Africa an innocent child is starving
But in America the government pays the bills
As long you are fed, got a roof over your head
Life is going to be okay, but it’s deteriorating

In the north there is suicide bombings and killings
Every day disasters is taking away our lands
They tell us when you are sad
It’s alright to let it out when you cry

Are you not tired of the news you listen to everyday
Are you satisfied with the life you’re living today
Barely spend time with the people you love
You gave away your purpose to life

The moment you turn your back on a brother
The moment you barely have time to say a prayer
The moment you walk around with selfishness and hate
The moment you stop dreaming of a better life

I don’t know about you or what you’re thinking
I can’t read your mind if what you’re thinking is positive or negative
But I am fed up with the path life is heading
Don’t you feel the same way like I do?

We deserve better than what the life is offering
We are kings and queens
We should seek to be treated as such
A world, a mother’s pride in her child

All Rights Reserved © Akan E. Udofia…/the-purpose-of-life.html

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


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