Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 2, 2016

Lost Despair~by Norman Wilson



Lost Despair

I sense a sentiment out there somewhere
Giving way to sentimental despair
As I wonder what glows all about
From emerging hearts just now speaking out

She loves him and he loves her
As they whisper passion’s wish in each other’s ear
While sallow cries echo strangely by
Where starving hearts lay in streaking dragon skies

He draws as close to her, as she to him
While the honeysuckle opens for the hummingbird’s whim
Magically they are inclusive basking nude in the night
As they fulfill their passions in a tangled web out of sight

The despair has cleared in reddest of dragon air
From the sunset of early night bathing in lost despair
The lights of night kiss the winds of the last touch
For hearts that never seem to get to much

Is there much more before, as they share
Before she and he who adore for a love that’s rare
As tweets in the trees have now come alive
Where a night of last despair shall be until they die

All rights reserved 02/25/16
Norman Francis

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