Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 3, 2016

Emerald Eyes~by Norman Wilson



Emerald Eyes

Lift your eyes so I may see inside
Where mauve skies fill with butterflies
In joy of all things hungering to think
In the batting of lashes with gentle wink

Ageless is the wine that breathes in time
That lays in wait upon your lips for me to find
As a merriment of laughter gaggles beneath your eyes
Where I reflect in the mirrors with the butterflies

See me for who I am and not wish to be
Just a man sniffing the rose like the bumblebee
Then to place so tenderly in your russet coloured hair
Where your eyes parallel the rose, we now share

I look for your words to roll sweetly from your tongue
As I hold my breath so sharply within my lungs
Nor to sigh a gasp for you to hear or see
As I slowly start to breathe again in a placid wheeze

The words hold the truth within your eyes
Eyes that see me riding the chariot of fire in the skies
Where a pool of emerald green floods your eyes in tides
Tides that welcome the love we bear for each other inside

All rights reserved 02/26/16
Norman Francis

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