Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 3, 2016

On the mountain top by rl dubour To see, to hear, to feel~by rldubour



On the mountain top by rl dubour To see, to hear, to feel

Standing on the mountain top, the wind
blew gently on my face.
To view the beauty of this world
There is no better place

This question I have asked for years
What purpose is man here?
I think about my hopes and fears
The ones I hold so dear.

For I am just a common man
I do the best I can.
I try so hard to understand
I reach to touch your hand.

To see the beauty in the rhyme
For all their eyes to see.
If everyone would take the time
A better place this be.

All of nature is man’s treasures
From mountains to the sea.
Be as one in life’s endeavors
Live with tranquility.

I pity those with opened eyes
If they do fail to see.
This priceless gift of life we have
And all there is to be.

My heart goes out to those who hear.
Not comprehending songs.
The songs of music nature gives
That teaches right from wrong.

To value what we know of life
And all that does appeal
To those with hands yet, fail to feel
Of everything that’s real

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